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Registered with the NI Charity Commission (NIC 109087), the Community First Responders are a team of volunteers who work alongside the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service. We share a vision to assist those in our community suffering immediate life-threatening conditions and provide support to those around them.

First Responders
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What is the role of a CFR (Community First Responder)?

  • To assist appropriate calls as directed by NIAS (Northern Ireland Ambulance Service)
  • Complete a scene assessment, followed by the provision of appropriate treatment before an ambulance arrives.
  • Offer reassurance and emotional support to those around them, including loved ones.
  • Document relevant information, to efficiently handover to qualified ambulance personnel.
  •  Remain on scene of an incident until dismissed.
Lynda's story

Our team of volunteers come from all backgrounds, but one thing is for certain… we’re all human…

A story close to our hearts, is that of our very own Chairperson – Lynda.

Please take a minute to listen to Lynda’s story, produced by Henderson Group/SPAR NI for their own #DefibDonate Campaign.

It proves how vital early intervention can be, and why our mission is to offer our communities that same opportunity.

CLARE's story

Many believe that if they had to perform CPR it would be on the street, yet most cardiac arrests actually happen at home… it could be a parent, a sibling or a child.

This is Clare’s story. Clare is another individual close to us all, acting as our charity’s Secretary. In August 2017, she suffered a cardiac arrest whilst in bed having just turned off her alarm.

Thanks to her daughter’s incredible bravery and quick initiation of CPR, Clare is here to explain her story to the Mayor of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council.

Examples of
Calls We Assist

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Cardiac Arrest

an individual who is unconscious and not breathing normally


Chest Pains

e.g. those who may be having a suspected heart problem


Breathing Difficulties

e.g. Asthma, Choking, Anaphylaxis 


Diabetic Problems

also known as hypoglycaemic and hyperglycaemic attacks



patients who may be showing signs of having a stroke



individuals may refer to this as fitting or convulsions – i.e. epilepsy.

Family-like Team

In the Community


Raising Awareness

From the community.
For the community.

All of the volunteers serving the Mid Down & Lisburn District either live and/or work in the local area. From this, we’ve become a family-like team, with a common desire: to help those around us and make a difference.


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