Our Story

Read below to find out more about our team, and why we love what we do.

Our Trustees & Area Seniors

Governing Body

Avonmore Training Solutions Ltd., based in Lisburn, provides a comprehensive range of First Aid, Pre-Hospital Care and Mental Health training. This extends into the sales of medical equipment, including ZOLL defibrillators.

Acting as the governing body behind the scheme, Avonmore Training Solutions Ltd regulates policies and procedures. This ensures the service delivered by our volunteers meets the requirements of both the Northern Ireland Charity Commission and the guidelines set by NIAS. 

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Why We Volunteer

Every year, there are approximately 1,400 cardiac arrests Out-Of-Hospital in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, figures show that less than 1 in 10 survive due to a delay in medical intervention…

The Mid Down & Lisburn CFR Scheme means that, as volunteers who live or work in the community, we can provide a complementary service in partnership with NIAS (Northern Ireland Ambulance Service). Our goal is to make a difference to you, our community, by strengthening the Chain of Survival.

New figures released by the British Heart Foundation NI reveal that 85% of individuals surveyed would be reluctant to perform CPR.

To demonstrate how important early intervention is, take a look at Lynda’s and Clare’s stories…

How It Works

When you call 999, it is triaged and prioritised appropriately. We are then pre-alerted to agreed medical emergencies, in addition to an ambulance being dispatched.

Each responder will assist within a defined geographical radius, as part of a wider network of CFRs Schemes in Northern Ireland. By being local, we usually travel short distances to reach patients, often arriving on scene before an ambulance. We are then responsible for providing initial assessment, treatment and reassurance until healthcare professionals arrive.

Raising Awareness

We’re here to talk. Come say hello!

Whilst you may believe that we only attend emergency calls, our outreach extends beyond the kit bag. For example, you’ll likely spot us at fundraising events within the area.

Another way we like to help is by giving people the confidence they need to help someone else in their moment of need. That’s why, in October 2022, we took part in ‘Restart a Heart’ day, providing FREE CPR training in the Bow Street Mall, Lisburn!